The Right Outfit

Choosing the Right Outfit for an Event

ec8aa4ed81aceba6b0ec83b7-2014-05-11-ec98a4ed9b84-11-54-19When you’ve got something planned for an evening or a night out, there’s definitely a certain dress code that you have to follow. We’re not referring to events as in weddings or birthday parties, but those things that are organized down town, like festivals, theater acts, concerts or performances where you need to have a certain type of clothing.

You can’t go to the opera like you’d go to a rock concert, so let’s see what type of clothes you have to wear in different occasions, depending on the type of event that you plan to go to.

At a Rock Concert

If the event that you’ll go to is a rock concert, then you need to dress appropriately. However, this is one type of event where you can wear anything that makes you comfortable. Usually, those who do like this type of music choose to wear all-black, meaning black t-shirts and black jeans, along with boots, but you could be getting dressed anyhow you like.

For this, you can wear a pair of trousers that you’re comfortable in, like jeans, along with a t-shirt. If you like a certain band or musician, there are plenty of t-shirts imprinted with their logo or images, so you could be bringing them a tribute if they’ll be present at that festival.


An Art Gallery

If you’re going to an art gallery, you’ll need to wear something a little more conservative. Usually, here come all sorts of people, but the dress code needs to be appropriate. If you’re a woman, it’s advisable to wear a modest dress or something that doesn’t stand out. Black is also appropriate for this type of event, and every woman should have in her wardrobe “the little black dress” for these types of events.

If you’re a man, wear a suit or something formal, like dark trousers combined with a shirt. It doesn’t ec8aa4ed81aceba6b0ec83b7-2014-05-11-ec98a4ed9b84-11-53-59require a tie, but it’s important to be decent and not with torn jeans and sparkly t-shirts.

An Opera Act

The same as going to a theater, this type of event requires a very formal dress code. Here you will see all types of clothing, but from the luxury and classy style. Women will be wearing beautiful dresses, while men will wear tuxedos or suits. If you go in pair, you could match your outfit with the same colors, the woman can wear a dress in a certain color, while the man can have the shirt or the tie in the same shade as her dress.

A Food Festival

This doesn’t require any kind of dress code, so you can wear anything that makes you comfortable. However, you surely realize that you have to dress according to the weather. Apart from this, there’s nothing that tells you how to dress, but you need to stay away from the formal clothes – no luxury dresses, no high heels for the ladies and definitely no suits for the men.

It’s as event where you go to meet the locals and taste the foods, so be prepared to spill something like food or drink. That’s one of the reasons why you have to be comfortable both in clothing and shoes.

Any Other Type of Event

Depending on where you go, you surely have an idea about how people are dressed there. Apart from those events that require a certain type of clothing, like the examples we’ve given you with the opera, theater or the art gallery, you can get dressed however you like. The main important thing is to make sure you are comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, as some events take a longer time – like a concert, or when you go to a festival, you’ll definitely stay there more than just a few minutes.

This being said, wear whatever you like, as long as you don’t break the social rules of the dress codes for the events in question, especially if they’re formal.