Promoting Events

How to Start an Events Web Blog

musical eventStarting an events blog is fairly easy if a person wants to put the time in. WordPress is the most popular way to do this, though there are other free choices to be had. A person must also want to put the time into not just researching what is available, but also going to them. A person must be knowledgeable in the events that they want to write on, plus find people with insider knowledge. It all will be easier than most niche blogs to get a following, on top of that.


A good start comes with using the proper software for the blog. WordPress is the easiest to get hold of and has many tools to be able to make an impressive website. Blogger is a free option offered by Google. Ghost is for those people that are more advanced in their abilities. Tumblr is good for micro blogging. There are several other choices. What it takes is a little research and planning. There are enough sites out there that a person must determine what will set them apart from the rest and go with the tools that will suit them the best. Make sure all the planning is done before you even start.


The next part can be simple and the hardest work of making a blog. A person needs to find the events that they want to feature. There is also the need to start making friends with insiders. These people will let you know before anyone else about big events coming. There may just be a special visitor not yet announced for a comic convention or there could be a new singer just signed for a festival. That is why going to these events will make sure that you will meet the people who are going to help you become better than your competitors.